6 Reasons Why People Lose or Break their Sunglasses

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6 Reasons Why People Lose or Break their Sunglasses

You’ve just bought a pair of expensive designer sunglasses, and you can’t wait to show them off to your friends, neighbors and, well, practically everyone you meet. You walk into a shop or two, you get a coffee, maybe sit a conference, and before you know it your beautiful expenses glasses are gone. This is actually a pretty common scenario for a lot of people - according to research, the average American loses around 6 pairs per year! 

1. Don’t put your sunglasses on your head

Losing your sunglasses is more common that you’d imagine, and putting them on top of your head might be the worst idea. In our busy everyday life, we tend to run from building to building, rarely thinking about our belongings. When you put your sunglasses on your head, this increases the chance of them falling down, without you noticing.

2. Carrying them in your bag or purse

Women tend to change their purses all the time. And you might remember to take your wallet or keys from your purse, but you’d probably never think about your sunglasses. We bet that if you go and check now, you’ll find at least a couple of pairs!

3. Breaking them

It’s easy to break your sunglasses. They can fall down, while you’re walking down the street, or you might accidentally sit on them. 

4. Breaking them while playing sports

This is another common reason why people lose their sunglasses. If you’re out for a jog, you’d probably take your sunglasses to protect your eyes. The same is true for summer volleyball games – but the sports and games increase the risk of your glasses being broken. 

5. Forget them

How many times have you walked in a shop, tried out a dress, and then walked out… just to realize a half an hour later that you had your sunglasses with you when you entered the store? Sunglasses are like accessories, just more expensive and really, really easy to be left behind. 

6. Getting stolen

Designer sunglasses are expensive, so it’s not surprising how many people are actually willing to risk and steal someone’s pair. It only takes a moment of distraction and your beautiful glasses are gone forever. 


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  • Michelle Jones

    I have did every situation you explained here and have left sunglasses many places my self!! Hate it. You give very good points. Thank you for the info.

  • Jody Abney

    Good point’s here. Sunglasses should be protected so they will last, especially expensive ones!!

  • Kate

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  • Kate

    You have raised important points to keep your sunglasses safe, Keep your sunglasses safely as they are very expensive, like the ones I bought from Lenspick recently

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