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What's in the name? The meaning behind Unum


You already know and love Unum Sunglasses but have you ever wondered how we got our awesome name? Well here’s the story of the meaning behind Unum.

Unum comes from the Latin word that means "one".  We were inspired by the motto ‘E Pluribus Unum’ which is found on the United States currency, and translates to the phrase "out of many one". Not only is this phrase an integral part of life in the US, it also has special meaning to Alex founder of Unum Sunglasses, who is very passionate about government and community.

Having long been fascinated with the motto, it was an easy decision for Alex to incorporate it into the brand when he launched Unum in the summer of 2013. When he accepted the challenge to build a brand of universal sunglasses, Alex also decided to use his company as a platform to give back to the community. He truly believes in the philosophy that we are indeed one nation, one people, one community and was inspired to build a brand that completely embodies the meaning of that phrase.  

The phrase is also represented in the Unum logo, which is a triangular design inspired by the pyramid located at the back of the US one dollar bill. Even more than that, Unum’s brand identity reflects oneness in the way the company operates and emphasizes unity in the community. This is also reflected in the company’s goal to donate a portion of all proceeds to community scholarships.

"E Pluribus Unum" is the embodiment of Unum’s vision to create functional, stylish sunglasses while sharing the company’s success with the people who support it, truly reflecting that Out of Many, we are indeed all One.

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