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The Right Sunglasses to Fit your Face Shape

With the right aviators and wayfarers, you'll be on your way to having chic and stylish summers. If you're looking for these kinds of accessories, check out Unum Sunglasses at


These types of frames have a lot of things going for them. In the olden days, aviators were pilot staples. But now, they have become more of fashion essentials. While aviators complement most facial shapes, they are best for those with oblong-shaped faces. That’s because they can add fullness to the high forehead and narrow chin associated with oblong faces.

Square Sunglasses

This is a kind of eyewear that also has a long and glorious history, and it's design has been hailed as both classic and yet contemporary.Because of its square shape, traditional wayfarers are recommended for ladies with round and oval facial shapes. This is due to the tall lenses and wide shape that help create angles. At the same time, it brings the face ‘up.’

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