Did you know there is a national sunglasses day?

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Did you know there is a national sunglasses day?

You probably already know that sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, and maybe you also know that wearing your sunglasses at night can make you look even cooler than you already are, but did you know that June 22 is National Sunglasses Day?  Aviators or wraparound sunglasses, polarized sunglasses or tinted lenses, foxy librarian sunglasses or intergalactic secret agent shades, this Monday is the day to show off your summer eyewear.


What’s that you say?  You have nothing to wear for National Sunglasses Day?  The windows to your soul are left blinking away the bright light all by themselves as the summer solstice approaches?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Unum Sunglasses has affordable sunglasses just for you.  We have sunglasses for all different tastes and styles.  You can find a bargain on sunglasses with us every day, but we are having a special sale this weekend, so that you can find the perfect pair of shades for National Sunglasses Day.


It is no surprise that National Sunglasses Day coincides with the longest, and often the sunniest, day of the year.  It’s the perfect time to get a pair of polarized sunglasses to reduce the glare, so that you can experience the beauty of a summer day without so much glare hurting your eyes.  With polarized sunglasses, you can drive off into the sunset without having to squint to see where you are going.


Unum Sunglasses offers some of the most affordable sunglasses on the Internet.  In fact, our prices are so low that they can help offset the cost of even the most expensive summer hobbies, from parasailing to lavish garden parties.  If your parents had a fit when they saw the receipt for that jet ski you bought last summer, they will be overjoyed when they see what fabulous sunglasses you came away from the Unum Sunglasses National Sunglasses Day sale with while still staying within budget.  When you tell them that you got free shipping, plus 20 percent off the price of the sunglasses, they will be so happy, may just have to throw a beach party to celebrate.


Order your snazzy shades now to take advantage of our sale prices and our free shipping.  Unum Sunglasses offers free shipping on orders over $35 every day, but National Sunglasses Day comes but once a year, and you wouldn’t want to be caught bare-eyed.

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