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In the summer of 2013 the idea of Unum Sunglasses came to founder Alex Flores as a challenge, to dream big and establish a platform to give back. Given this challenge, Flores began to work hard and believed in the possibility of creating a universal sunglass line with a range of bold colors. He quickly began working to make this vision into a reality and decided to name his sunglass line after a word from his favorite motto "E Pluribus Unum", Out of Many One. Unum Sunglasses is a company that provides classic sunglasses in a variety of colors to...

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Unum Sunglasses made it to the local news paper of the Orange County Register. In this behind the scenes article it talks about our efforts on giving back to the community by contributing 10% of all sales to educational scholarships. Also it talks about our #finderskeepersdtsa contest we have weekly. For this contest we hide sunglasses at an undisclosed location in Santa Ana and the first to find them keeps them. To participate simply like us on Instagram @unumsunglasses and wait to see a picture every week of a new secret location were the sunglasses will be waiting for you...

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