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These types of glasses were originally manufactured by Ray-Ban, however you can now get this similar style here at Unum Sunglasses. The sunglasses are characterized by a plastic frame as opposed to the metal frame which most other types of glasses have. The Wayfarer has had its ups and downs in terms of use as a fashion accessory, more so than any other type of glass out there. There have been several redesigns as a result of this, the wayfarer is currently enjoying a sort of resurgence in popular culture with famous musicians such as Katy Perry choosing to don...

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Polarized sunglasses have been used for many years by boaters and fisherman who are looking to reduce reflected glare from the water and allow them to see clearer. Now the everyday person is also looking for the same benefits of polarized lenses, and the popularity of polarized sunglasses has soared. Along with boaters and fisherman, bikers, snowboarders, runners, hikers, skateboarders, skiers, and golfers, all enjoy a clearer view. Not only do these sunglasses benefit outdoor enthusiast they can also be used for driving and, everyday use. Over all polarized sunglasses not only protect you from UV rays but also provide...

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Did you know that damage to your eyes is irreversible, only fixable by surgery? Most of this damage is caused by UV light rays. Damage to your eyes can be done in a single day or it can be accumulated through exposure over several years, depending on the intensity of the UV rays. The fact is that your eyes are slowly worn down over the years, and if you ignore this fact it doesn't meant that it will ignore you. Too much exposure to UV rays can result diseases such as cataracts, eye cancer and photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes)....

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