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Did you know that damage to your eyes is irreversible, only fixable by surgery? Most of this damage is caused by UV light rays. Damage to your eyes can be done in a single day or it can be accumulated through exposure over several years, depending on the intensity of the UV rays. The fact is that your eyes are slowly worn down over the years, and if you ignore this fact it doesn't meant that it will ignore you. Too much exposure to UV rays can result diseases such as cataracts, eye cancer and photokeratitis (sunburn of the eyes)....

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Yost Theater & Ambiance Group Present:/ / M I D N I T E S E S S I O N S \ \Sponsored by UNUM SunglassesWWW.UNUMSUNGLASSES.COMSaturday April 26th, 2014Leo Levo X DareX ( Back 2 Back ) various points during the year, the vibe at the Yost Theater inexplicably changes into something a lot different than what most weekend revelers are used to. All-black trendy attire is a must, lights are almost nonexistent, and there isn’t a go-go dancer in sight. The focus on the music sways from progressive house to techno and tech-house grooves. It’s rare to see...

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Unum Sunglasses made it to the local news paper of the Orange County Register. In this behind the scenes article it talks about our efforts on giving back to the community by contributing 10% of all sales to educational scholarships. Also it talks about our #finderskeepersdtsa contest we have weekly. For this contest we hide sunglasses at an undisclosed location in Santa Ana and the first to find them keeps them. To participate simply like us on Instagram @unumsunglasses and wait to see a picture every week of a new secret location were the sunglasses will be waiting for you...

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